We had something approaching winter yesterday. It was cold and rainy, with bits of sleet. I didn’t have children’s choir, and they canceled choir practice because there was a chance of it getting below freezing while the roads were still wet, so I had a delightful evening of snuggling under the electric blanket with candles going in the fireplace (I have a fireplace candelabra, which gives the flickering light of a fire without the mess or without having to open the damper and send all the warm air up the chimney), classical music on the radio, and a good book — basically, peak hygge. I even went to bed early.

And because I went to bed early, I seem to have forgotten to set my alarm. I woke up at about the usual time, anyway, then since there was nothing pressing, I let myself lie there for a while, which meant I went back to sleep. I have a thyroid condition, so I’m supposed to be watching for signs of low thyroid, like fatigue. I worried for a moment when I overslept in spite of going to bed early, but then I remembered that more than ten years ago I was using a TV show that came on in reruns at 9 a.m. as a way of forcing myself out of bed in the winter. Sleeping until 8 is actually an improvement. I really am part bear, I think. When Daylight Time begins, I’ll be hopping out of bed much earlier.

Today it’s colder than it was yesterday, but it’s sunny, so it feels less wintery. The annoying thing about this winter (for me) is that it’s been warm and sunny on weekends and the cold, rainy days have always been Wednesdays. On weekends, I could hide under my blanket and read, but on Wednesdays I have choir stuff, so I have to go out.

I’m willing to compromise and take a cold, rainy weekday other than Wednesday, and then I can switch workdays. Still, there’s something about a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon (with the rain starting after noon, since I have to go out on Sunday mornings) with a good book, a pot of tea, and the appropriate music as I lie on my bed or sofa under a blanket. It looks like Valentine’s Day is going to be cold and possibly rainy, so maybe I’ll indulge myself then. There may even be baking.

For today, though, I have writing to do. I’m making headway on the book I’m drafting, and I’ve set a deadline for myself.

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