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Lucky Lexie Mysteries

Alexa “Lucky Lexie” Lincoln has always had a nose for news and a knack for being first on the scene whenever there’s a big story. Now that she’s editing the local paper in Stirling Mills, Texas, she’s not just reporting the news. She’s making it as she digs into cases the police can’t handle, since she’s getting her hot tips from beyond the grave.

And there are plenty of cases to keep her busy in this strange little town full of people with uncanny abilities.

A new cozy paranormal mystery series from the author of Enchanted, Inc.

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Enchanted, Inc.

“A classic single-girl-in-the-city formula with a nice fantasy twist thrown in.” –

“I’d always heard that New York City was weird, but I had no idea just how weird until I got here.”
Thus begins “one of the best romantic-fantasy series being written today” (Booklist), the story of an extraordinarily ordinary young woman who’s got a talent for dealing with magical mayhem.

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Rebel Mechanics

A new steampunk fantasy for young adults of all ages.

“Moves along at the pace of a charging train” — School Library Journal

“A jolly good romp” — Booklist

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The Fairy Tale Series

A new contemporary fantasy series from the author of Enchanted, Inc.

The fae have their own Realm, and their stories have become the stuff of fairy tales. But some people still remember …

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Romance Novels

Before I discovered my true calling writing fantasy novels, I wrote a few romance novels. Although they’re out of print, a couple have recently been reissued digitally by the publisher. If you’re a completist or a fan of romantic comedy, check them out.

I’m starting to get back into that game, with a holiday romantic comedy, and there may be more because they’re fun to write.

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Non-Fiction Books

I occasionally contribute essays to books on various pop-culture topics. It’s a great way to justify my television habit as “work.” Apologies if your favorite series imploded or went horribly wrong around the time one of these collections appeared. I’ve discovered that I seem to have a curse.

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