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New Enchanted, Inc. Story

Soon after I wrote Enchanted, Inc., long before I knew it would be published, I wrote a short story set in that world, looking at the immediate aftermath from Owen’s perspective. And now I’m making it available for free to those who sign up for my newsletter. You can subscribe here.

New Book, Mailing List

I’ve been serializing a novel on the blog over the past month or so, and now the whole book is available as an e-book. I’ll keep posting the chapters, but if you’re impatient or if you want to just read the book, it’s there.

I’ve also started a mailing list for a monthly newsletter and reminders of when new books will be coming. You can sign up here.

Enchanted, Inc. Book 9 Available for Pre-Order

Book 9 of the Enchanted, Inc. series, Enchanted Ever After, will be coming August 6, and is now available to pre-order as an e-book in most of the major online bookstores. There will also be a paperback edition coming that day, though the pre-order isn’t yet live, and there will be an audio version, though I’m not exactly sure when that will be coming. For more details and pre-order links, visit the book’s page.

Enchanted, Inc. Sale

Today (March 26) only, the e-book of Enchanted, Inc. is only $1.99 at Amazon (and it looks like some of the sellers have matched that price). If you need the e-book so you can take it with you or if you want to hook a friend, act now!

New Sale!

I’ve sold a new book to Audible Originals. This will be an audio exclusive (though it may later come in print form) in an entirely new fictional “universe,” but it is a contemporary fantasy that I think fans of my other work will enjoy. Stay tuned for more details!