Lucky Lexie Mysteries

Alexa “Lucky Lexie” Lincoln has always had a nose for news and a knack for being first on the scene whenever there’s a big story. Now that she’s editing the local paper in Stirling Mills, Texas, she’s not just reporting the news. She’s making it as she digs into cases the police can’t handle, since she’s getting her hot tips from beyond the grave.

Interview with a Dead Editor

When she finds the editor dead on the newsroom floor before her job interview, Lexie Lincoln finds herself caught up in a murder investigation. Now she has to solve the case to clear her name, but she’s got help—from an editor who died decades before but who still has her finger on the pulse of the town.

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Case of the Curious Crystals

Thieves are breaking into local homes, stealing cheap costume jewelry and stirring up paranoia. When a ghost suggests that the jewelry may be more valuable than anyone realizes, Lexie finds herself delving into forgotten chapters of the town’s strange history.

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