New Computer!

I’m typing to you from my new computer! I’d been needing to get a new one for a while. I bought my old one in 2016, and it’s at about the five-year mark when they tend to get glitchy with the kind of heavy use I give mine. I’d reached a point where I couldn’t update my browsers without updating my operating system, and some of my critical websites wouldn’t work with my browsers. But at the same time, I have some tech that wouldn’t work if I updated my operating system. I was having a lot more crashes, so I wasn’t sure updating the operating system would solve my problems — or even work. Then I found a sale on the kind of computer I wanted and took the plunge to buy a new one.

It took me a while to get around to getting the new one set up and all the files transferred. I put it off because I was dreading it. And then I had another crash and knew I needed to deal with it, so I took care of it last weekend. I still don’t have it exactly the way I want it, and for some weird reason my e-mail files didn’t transfer, so I’m going to have to figure all that out. I’m also going to have to buy the new version of one bit of software and eventually get some external drives. But it’s more or less functional now.

The new one is a lot faster. It gets going faster, it loads things faster, and the keyboard is really nice, so I feel like I’m typing faster. Maybe that means I’ll write books faster. Unfortunately, it doesn’t speed up my brain.

One nice thing is that I’ll finally be able to load music onto my new phone. The new phone the phone company made me take a couple of years ago when they changed their network wasn’t compatible with my old operating system, so I’ve been using my old phone as a music player. I may continue doing that (one reason to keep the old computer the way it is), but I can also put music on the new phone so I can have it either way.

I guess this means I have to write a few books to make this computer pay for itself.

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