Musicals on TV

Tonight’s the series finale of the TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. In a way, I’ll be sad to see it go because it was fun having a musical on TV, but I think it’s run its course, so I’m ready for it to end.

They’ve done some fun things, starting out looking like it would be a standard romantic comedy — an unhappy New York lawyer runs into her boyfriend from theater camp when she was a teen and realizes that may have been the last time she was happy, so she quits her job and moves to his hometown in California, hoping to win him back, only to find that he already has a girlfriend, and maybe his best friend might be a better fit for her, if only she could see that. And then they kept undermining that expectation. The best friend was kind of a jerk with his own issues. She got into some serious stalking and trying to sabotage her target’s new relationship. She finally got the guy of her dreams, and then we learned that the “crazy” part was literal — this wasn’t the first time she’s done something like this.

There were wonderful celebrity cameos from the world of music and musical theater, like Lea Salonga as the aunt who manages to work karaoke into every family celebration so she can show off, or Josh Groban doing “the song at the end of the movie.” There were so many fun musical numbers from a variety of styles.

But I think they ran out of steam in later seasons, and I can’t think of a way they can resolve the story satisfactorily. There are three guys really into and wanting to be with this woman who’s stalked them, cheated on them and generally messed with their lives, which is a little hard to believe, and now the show is making it look like she has to choose one of them, even though she didn’t seem to be particularly into any of them before they made their big declarations of love. I guess to some extent that’s still a spoof of romantic comedies, where the couples manage to end up together in spite of them having been awful to each other before. They’ve been clever and creative in the past, so maybe they call pull this off.

But in the meantime, here’s probably my favorite song, from back in season one:

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