Enchanted, Inc.

It was an offer she couldn’t believe …

Small town native Katie Chandler is ready to dump New York City, her horrid boss, and awful job to head back home to Texas. Before she can make this fateful decision, she receives a mysterious job offer from a company called Magic, Spells, and Illusions, Inc. She’s always thought of herself as ordinary, but according to people claiming to be wizards, she is so ordinary that she’s extraordinary – she is one of the rare people so utterly without magic as to be immune to it.

And therefore perfect to be MSI Inc.’s secret weapon.

Now she’s finding her way in a magical world where the boss can be a real ogre and kissing frogs is one way to get a date. The cutest guy in the company is powerful enough to blow up the city with a wave of his hand, but he can’t talk to Katie without blushing furiously. Suddenly New York is her kind of city! Now Katie’s biggest challenge may be dragging this ancient company into the twenty-first century in time to face competition from an evil mastermind producing dangerous spells.

“Think Harry Potter meets Working Girl. Enchanted, Inc. is a fun read that’s hard to put down.”MetroNews Toronto

“Fun contemporary fantasy … lots of likeable characters (and potential romantic interests) that leave you wanting more.” – Carolyn Cushman, Locus

This appealing novel offers a charming cast of characters and a clever premise, and readers will hope that Katie’s skills will be needed in New York City again soon. — Kristine Huntley, Booklist

I skipped a shower (yes, I sacrificed my personal hygiene) to read Shanna Swendson’s mainstream fiction debut novel, Enchanted, Inc.The Dallas Morning News

Cover illustration by Nina Berkson.

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