Tales of Enchantment

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Once Upon a Time …

The Enchanted, Inc. series told the story of a young woman who was so ordinary that she was extraordinary, and she became the secret weapon of the magical world.

Now return to that world in this collection of stories related to the Enchanted, Inc. series. See how events mentioned in the series actually happened and get a look at what happened next after the end of the series.

New stories in this collection include:

Spelling Test – During Rod and Owen’s college days, Rod’s eagerness to get into a magical secret society gets him in trouble when he borrows a spell Owen developed.

In Case of Emergency . . . – Owen gets sent on a mysterious business trip to the London office of Magic, Spells, and Illusions, Inc., then gets whisked away to a remote location, where he finds himself face-to-face with a legend—and responsible for bringing the legend back to life and up to speed.

Power Struggle – Strange creatures come to Katie’s hometown, draining the town of both magical power and electricity and threatening the hometown blessing ceremony and reception following Katie and Owen’s wedding. But Katie’s Granny is on the case.

This collection also includes essays from the author about the inspiration and development of the Enchanted, Inc. series, as well as two previously published stories, “Paint the Town Red” and “Criminal Enchantment.” All stories include brand-new notes from the author.