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Exciting Things

My excitement for the day yesterday actually was kind of exciting. My area got the Blue Angels flyover, and the route took them pretty close to my neighborhood, about 9 miles from where they’d be directly overhead. I live in a pretty deep valley, so I walked up the hill to the parking lot of the movie theater that’s at the top of the hill. I can pretty much see the whole region from there, so I figured it would be a good vantage point. There were a few cars in the parking lot with people watching, so I wasn’t alone in that idea.

And we did get a good view. We could see part of the loop they made around downtown Dallas, and from that distance they looked like one plane (in fact, I wondered where the rest of them were). Then they flew right by us on the way to their next “stop,” and we could still see where they turned on their vapor trails for the next hospital. I grew up around military bases, so I’ve seen a lot of stunt flying and air shows, but I don’t think I’ve seen the Blue Angels before. That was some really tight flying, so close that they really did look like one plane from not that far away.

Then I came home and tried to go back to work. I’ve figured out how to fix some of the problems with the second mystery novel, and I even managed to do some writing on it this morning. I haven’t been able to put words together in a while, so that’s pretty exciting. I can already feel a difference in how the book’s working.

So maybe I’ll get these books finished and launched this year, after all.