Other Fantasy


She’d always read fairy tales. She didn’t expect to find herself living one . . . Once upon a time, a princess was brought to a strange land for safekeeping, until the day the curse placed on her in infancy expired and she could return to her kingdom. Lucy Jordan is not that princess. But thanks to […]

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Make Mine Magic

Left at the altar, Claire Jennings wasn’t going to let a cancelled wedding get in the way of her honeymoon trip to New York City, especially since she’d already paid for it. But a chance encounter and a good deed send her vacation in an entirely unexpected direction, drawing her into a side of the city that tourists don’t see—and neither do most New Yorkers.

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Twice Upon a Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year—unless you’re Natalie Miller.

Torn between two different ambitions, Natalie flips a coin to help her decide which life she wants, but then can’t bring herself to look at the result. The next thing she knows, she’s living every December day twice. At first, the holiday do-over seems like a gift. She has the chance to learn from her mistakes and avoid pitfalls. Things get more complicated as her two lives diverge.

In one life, she gets to work on a glamorous account and spend a lot of one-on-one time with a handsome executive—but she has to give up one of her dreams. In another life, her job is in jeopardy and she has to deal with a grouchy client—but she’s doing things that matter to her, and that client has hidden depths.

As Christmas Eve approaches, the double life grows more and more challenging. Will Natalie be able to break the spell and land in the right life—and with the right man—for good?

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