Mystery of the Secret Santa

Someone knows who’s been naughty, and they’re not being nice about it

Lexie Lincoln is excited about the holiday season. Stirling Mills puts on a big celebration, with elaborate light displays and numerous events. It’ll be like living in one of those TV Christmas movies she binges every December.

There’s just one damper on her holiday spirit: the Secret Santa, an information vigilante who seems to have access to the Naughty list and who is sharing that information through anonymous notes sometimes slipped into pockets and sometimes left in people’s homes during the night. Since nothing is damaged or taken and there’s no sign of a break-in, no one has reported these incidents to the police, so they aren’t involved, but that doesn’t stop Lexie from investigating.

Informing people about affairs, backstabbing, and workplace politics stirs up strife, and the fact that the Santa sometimes also leaves gifts that fulfill unspoken needs doesn’t help. Lexie’s not sure she believes in Santa, but someone who knows secrets, good and bad, and who can slip into homes during the night sounds a lot like St. Nick.

Busting Santa might put Lexie on the Naughty list, but she feels she has to save the holiday celebration before the bad vibe drives the tourists away – and before her own secrets are revealed.