Romance Novels

Before I discovered my true calling writing fantasy novels, I wrote a few romance novels. Although they’re out of print, a couple have recently been reissued digitally by the publisher. If you’re a completist or a fan of romantic comedy, check them out.

Twice Upon a Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year—unless you’re Natalie Miller.

Torn between two different ambitions, Natalie flips a coin to help her decide which life she wants, but then can’t bring herself to look at the result. The next thing she knows, she’s living every December day twice. At first, the holiday do-over seems like a gift. She has the chance to learn from her mistakes and avoid pitfalls. Things get more complicated as her two lives diverge.

In one life, she gets to work on a glamorous account and spend a lot of one-on-one time with a handsome executive—but she has to give up one of her dreams. In another life, her job is in jeopardy and she has to deal with a grouchy client—but she’s doing things that matter to her, and that client has hidden depths.

As Christmas Eve approaches, the double life grows more and more challenging. Will Natalie be able to break the spell and land in the right life—and with the right man—for good?

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The Emergency Stand-By Date

Originally published by Silhouette Books in March 1998 THE WORLD IS OUT TO GET SINGLE PEOPLE. Jenny Forrest is convinced of it. Solution: a nonsignificant other of the opposite sex — relatively attractive, socially presentable, uninterested in a serious relationship — as a ready-made date to act as the first line of defense against prying […]

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Dateless in Dallas

Originally published by Silhouette Books in October 1996 WHAT MADDIE HATFIELD LEARNED FROM FINDING THE PERFECT MATE: Rule #1: Never date a co-worker– just because Derek Newman is every woman’s fantasy, that doesn’t mean he’s husband material. Rule #2: After a string for dating disasters, avoid turning to your co-worker for comfort — you might […]

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