Romance Novels

Before I discovered my true calling writing fantasy novels, I wrote a few romance novels. Although they’re out of print, a couple have recently been reissued digitally by the publisher. If you’re a completist or a fan of romantic comedy, check them out.

The Emergency Stand-By Date

Originally published by Silhouette Books in March 1998 THE WORLD IS OUT TO GET SINGLE PEOPLE. Jenny Forrest is convinced of it. Solution: a nonsignificant other of the opposite sex — relatively attractive, socially presentable, uninterested in a serious relationship — as a ready-made date to act as the first line of defense against prying […]

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Dateless in Dallas

Originally published by Silhouette Books in October 1996 WHAT MADDIE HATFIELD LEARNED FROM FINDING THE PERFECT MATE: Rule #1: Never date a co-worker– just because Derek Newman is every woman’s fantasy, that doesn’t mean he’s husband material. Rule #2: After a string for dating disasters, avoid turning to your co-worker for comfort — you might […]

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