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Writing Links

Romance Writers of America -- A good place to start if you're interested in writing chick lit, romance or women's fiction.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America -- Lots of good resources, especially for those interested in science fiction and fantasy.

Writer Beware -- Check here before you submit your work to an agent or publisher

Write with Shanna -- Subscribe to get writing articles from me every other week

Kristin Nelson -- My literary agent


Bookstore Links

Aliens and Alibis Books -- an independent bookstore specializing in mystery, fantasy and science fiction in Columbia, S.C.

Bakka-Phoenix Science Fiction Bookstore in Toronto

Mysterious Galaxy -- A San Diego store specializing in mystery, fantasy and science fiction

Borderlands Books -- a San Francisco store specializing in science fiction and fantasy


Fantasy Resources

SurLaLune -- Fabulous resource site on fairy tales -- News and info on books, TV, movies, etc.

Fantasy Literature -- Reviews of fantasy novels (though not mine!)


Fun Stuff

The Mildly Adventurous Cook -- my occasionally updated cooking blog

The Stealth Geek -- my occasionally updated blog on all things geeky

MeatShield -- my friend Rob Chambers' webcomic, for everyone who's played D&D or read a fantasy novel

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